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DAILY JET Hand Coder
Name of Product: DAILY JET Hand Coder

Brand: MSSC

  • Print Anywhere
  • With A Printer
  • That Goes
  • Everywhere.

Mobile. Slim. Lightweight. Now that’s smart.

The MSSC DailyJet HP1000 Hand Coder offers a breakthrough
design for true mobile use. Featuring a slim profile, the DailyJet can
easily be transported, and its ultra-lightweight construction means
there's less fatigue by the end user on the job site.

The MSSC Daily Jet HP1000 Hand Coder

  • Ultra-portable and lightweight (1.3 lbs./600 gm)
  • Capable of printing anywhere and at any angle
  • Slim profile for ease-of-use


Compact and Smart Design
• Lightweight
• Input/output voltage: 7.4/12V
• Throw distance: Up to 0.25 in (6 mm)
• Uses four AA batteries (not included)

Standard Features
• Built-in seven segment display
• Built-in buzzer to indicate print cycle completion
• 5 buttons: Function, Enter, Left, Right, Print
• 5 indicators lights: Alarm, Low Ink, Print,
Low Power, Power
• HP 2.5 printing technology
• Create messages using PC software via Micro USB port
• Store up to 10 messages with Micro SD card
• Choose from 20 dynamic date/times
• Store up to 30 dynamic serial numbers
• MicroSD card slot for data backup
• Dual switchable nozzle design
• Hot-Swap: circuit safeguard for quick ink cartridge
change over
• Multiple density levels

Printability and Speeds
• Menu language English
• Alphanumeric characters, 1 logo, date/time, expiration
date, shift code, counter and QR code
• Font height up to 0.5 in (12.7 mm)
• 148 ft (45 m) / minute at 300 dpi horizontal resolution
• 600 dpi vertical resolution
• Any font and size can be easily changed by computer
• Supports HP Smart Card technology
• Built-in rotary encoder
• Printing information, settings and printing parameters

Inks and Accessories
• Supports MSSC solvent inks
• Built-in automatic ink inventory control system
• Smart ink clean system

Operating Temperature
• Operating temperature between
   50° F – 150° F (10° C – 66° C)

• 12 month warranty for all equipment excluding

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