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You may come across a few questions before you decide to purchase a product from Easyprint. Please read below a few frequently asked questions. If these do not answer your query we are happy to have a chat over the phone to answer any questions you may have. Contact the team today!

We offer our customers clever marking and labeling equipment
We choose to represent brands that are at the top end of design, function and reliability. It is important to us that our products are backed by manufacturers who not just produce a quality piece of equipment, but who also invest in continued research and development of their product. This means that we can offer the very latest in technology to our customers.

What sort of marking technology is right for me?
You might be an existing industry professional and already be sure of the type of marking technology you require. If you are new to packaging you may need to speak to one of our sales staff who can assist you in identifying the type of product that will best suit your needs.

What is Thermal Transfer Printing?
Thermal transfer technology was introduced into the packaging industry initially for on-demand bar coding and labelling. Package overprinting was not viable until smaller coders such as the Easyprinters were designed, which fit into the manufacturing line. Manufacturer’s top three demands for their product coding systems are the need for faster changeover times, improved traceability and high quality codes.

Thermal transfer printing offers multiple product coding, bar code and graphics capabilities and the ability to print real time codes. Thermal transfer coding is fast, results in little stress to the substrate and allows digital-to-print, or programmed legends. Programmed legends allow the user to code products with the exact time of day, incrementing product numbers and automatically changing shift codes as well as typical ‘fixed’ data.

What is Inkjet printing?
An inkjet printer is a type of computer printer that creates a digital image by propelling variably-sized droplets of liquid material (ink) onto a surface.
Inkjet printers come as either fixed-head, or disposable head. A fixed-head inkjet printer provides an inbuilt print head which is designed to last for the life of the printer.
A disposable head inkjet printer uses a print head which is supplied as a part of a replaceable ink cartridge. Every time a cartridge is exhausted, the entire cartridge and print head are replaced with a new one.

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