Easyprint offers quality coding and labelling solutions for any substrate. Product recalls are extremely expensive, not just the logisitcs of recalling the product, there's wasted product, lost production time, replacing the product etc, hence quality product identification and traceability is crucial. We provide only the highest quality labelling and product scanning solutions. 
Printers for coding and marking applications
Continuous Inkjet Coding Printer For Batch & Date Coding

Name of Product: ci3200, ci 3300, ci3500, ci3650

Brand: ciSeries

Feature: Simple, Reliable, Capable and Excellent Value. Industries longest warranty 30 months

Product Description
The ciSeries range of continuous inkjet printers are designed to meet some of the most demanding batch coding, date coding and marking applications across industries such as food and beverage, extrusion, cable and wire, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and health care, electronic compo¬nents, automotive, construction and other industrial sectors. We are one of the leading industrial coding equipment suppliers.

Citronix’s range of printers apply identifying marks such as best before dates, traceability codes, logos and batch codes at very high speeds to almost any kind of material or surface whether plastic, metal, paper, wood, glass or other substrate type. ciSeries printers are renowned globally for their Simplicity, Reliability, Capability and Excellent Value.
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