Easyprint offers quality coding and labelling solutions for any substrate. Product recalls are extremely expensive, not just the logisitcs of recalling the product, there's wasted product, lost production time, replacing the product etc, hence quality product identification and traceability is crucial. We provide only the highest quality labelling and product scanning solutions. 
Printers for coding and marking applications
Continuous Inkjet Coding Printer For Batch & Date Coding

Name of Product: ci3200, ci 3300, ci3500, ci3650

Brand: ciSeries

Feature: Simple, Reliable, Capable and Excellent Value. Industries longest warranty 30 months

Product Description
The ciSeries range of continuous inkjet printers are designed to meet some of the most demanding batch coding, date coding and marking applications across industries such as food and beverage, extrusion, cable and wire, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and health care, electronic compo¬nents, automotive, construction and other industrial sectors. We are one of the leading industrial coding equipment suppliers.

Citronix’s range of printers apply identifying marks such as best before dates, traceability codes, logos and batch codes at very high speeds to almost any kind of material or surface whether plastic, metal, paper, wood, glass or other substrate type. ciSeries printers are renowned globally for their Simplicity, Reliability, Capability and Excellent Value.
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Versatile performance printer
Name of Product: Compact 32C, Compact 53C

Brand: Easyprint

Feature: Offering versatile performance and low cost of ownership. The perfect replacement coding solution for labels and flexible films

Product Description
Offering versatile performance and low cost of ownership. The perfect replacement coding solution for labels and flexible films 

Easy to install and retro fit
  • Easily retro fitted into existing bracketry due to compact size
  • EasyAlign allows for push button electronic print head alignment without the use of tools or shims
  • Quick conversion from left hand to right hand operation or vice versa without any additional parts
Down time and running costs are minimised by
  • Proven dancing arm technology eliminates ribbon breakages
  • 4 Ribbon save modes
  • Ribbon economy up to 60% in 1% increments
  • Ribbon retraction
  • Stop mid-print
  • Column mode
  • 770m long ribbon rolls (up to 1925m effective length with ribbon economy mode)
  • No compressed air required
  • Optimised ribbon loading speed through the use of cassettes (Additional cassettes available)
Easy to operate
  • User friendly operation with EasyView big button interface
  • Graphical images of selected design - WYSIWYG
  • On board label creation
  • Approved printing ribbons for optimum performance available in 22mm,34mm and 55mm widths
Download Easyprint 32C 53C Datasheet 0214

Communicator 2 for easy print
Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Name of Product: Communicator II

Brand: Easyprint

Feature: At Easyprint, we supply high Performance Thermal Transfer Overprinting for flexible packaging, while providing maximum uptime and minimum consumable costs in both intermittent and continuous applications

Product Description 
  • Fastest printer on the market
  • 128mm printhead delivers industry leading print area
  • Easyprint label design software NO CHARGE
Maximum Uptime and throughout
  • Industry leading ribbon length of 1600 metre offers at least 33% less downtime for ribbon changes than nearest competition
  • COMMUNICATOR II’s Unique ribbon control prevents costly downtime caused by ribbon breakages and ensures responsiveness at high speed
  • 5 inch (128mm) model allows COMMUNICATOR II to meet the most of demanding requirements
Lowest cost per print and best total OEE*
  • Patented variable ribbon economy function reduces cost per print by up to 60% compared to competition in both intermittent and continuous modes
  • Ribbon retraction of less than 1mm between messages minimises ribbon wastage
Intelligence built in
  • Built-in intelligence eliminates the need for a controller. Printer can be controlled from existing OEM user interface, PC browser or optional colour touchscreen
  • Intermittent and continuous in the same printer, changed directly through software
  • Easy on board label creation software
  • Remote management
Download Communicator II

Handjey EBS 260
Name of Product: Handjet EBS 260

Brand: EBS

Feature: Communication with the printer is simple and versatile: via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. The printer can be logged into an existing WiFi network and operated through the Firefox browser without installing additional software

Product Description

Touchscreen Coloured display with hardened glass,
9cm diagonal
Number of nozzles 32
Nozzle diameter 150 μm, optional 200 μm und 120 μm
Print image height 7 - 56 mm
Minimum size of object to be printed on from 40 mm
Working position of the printer any
Printer memory 2 Gigabyte
Memory blocks for projects >50.000 Projekte with 10.000 characters or more
Graphics, logos, graphical special characters Black & white PNG data can be imported up to a height of 32 dots.
Capable of Unicode Yes
TrueType Fonts installable Yes
Special characters National, diacritical characters, graphical info-, warning and transport characters
Special register Date, time, expiry date, incremental and decremental counter, universal counter (piece, palette, etc. ..)
Date format editable yes
Programming the printer Via the built-in touchscreen, directly on the website of the specific printer in the Firefox browser or via Offline Editor (included)
Special functions Laser positioner, automatic measuring of objects
Optional special functions Master-Slave Bluetooth connection with input devices such as; scanner, database functions, php-script administration
Power supply External power supply 24V, 1,25A
Operating time Up to 16 hours
Ink base Quick-drying inks; ethanol, acetone or MEK-based, also pigmented (to be specified when ordering)
Ink types Different colours; (black, blue, red, green, yellow) UV legible, (security inks), food-grade inks, inks for wood, concrete, pigmented inks for dark surfaces
Cartridge volume 200 ml
Capacity per cartridge > 200.000 characters in Matrix 7x5
Operating pressure Nominal 0,35 bar, internal mini-compressor
Operating temp. range 5°C - 40°C
Storage / transport temperature 0°C - 45°C
Humidity Max. 90% without condensation
Weight incl. cartridge 1,65 kg
Download EBS-260

Handjey EBS 250
Name of Product: Handjet EBS- 250

Brand: EBS

Feature: Up to 1500 characters can be efficiently stored in the handcoders memory with up to 10 message blocks with several lines in each block.

Product Description
The HANDJET EBS 250 is an innovative product made by EBS Ink-Jet System
The ultra-light and compact design of the HANDJET EBS-250 (weighing, with batteries and ink cartridge less than 1000g) simplifies marking, coding and signing. The HANDJET EBS-250 with its patented print technology replaces antiquated hand coders (such as stencil machines, stamps and roll coders, laborious and expensive in use and problematic with ink management). Fast and clean printing on various surfaces such as; metal, glass, plastic and, of course, cardboard using many solvent based inks in different colours.
Download HANDJET EBS-250 brochure

ID technology product
Brand: ID Technology

Feature: The ID Technology brand has a fantastic reputation of quality products. For features on each product above please see attached brochure

Product Description For full product description please view PDF attached
Download IDT Labeling Systems

Coding And Marking Printers

Name of Product:
The Model 252: The Evolution of Label Printer Applicators

Brand: IDT Advantage

Feature: Touch Screen Interface
Unwind Module
Plasma-Coated Air Assist Tube
Service-Position Tamp Module (optional)

Product Description
In developing the new Model 252 label printer applicator, the specialists at ID Technology took a deeper look into the needs of their customers and made some discoveries that led to an entirely new approach to their design process.
This Centerline-Modularity™ approach is defined as “the process of removing as many adjustment points from a machine as possible, coupled with hot-swap modules for quick- fault diagnosis and repair, leading to greater uptime and lower running cost.”
Download Model 252 Printandapply

Smart Jet Plus
Name of Product: Smart Jet Plus

Brand: MSSC

  • WIFI connection via smart phones and tablets using Android and iOS operating systems
  • Stand-alone operation with USB keyboard direct connection, or with PC control
  • AUX 110 port for external sensor, encoder and alarm kit connection
  • USB2.0 port for operating with PC, firmware loading and event log to report operation history
  • Built-in photo sensor and automatic data back-up system
  • Nozzle switching and self-cleaning capabilities to extend cartridge lifetime
  • Store up to 100 messages on the printer's memory
  • Multi-level password protection: Operator, Technician, Administrator
  • Multi-function PC software for synchronization control and management
  • Automatic recognition of inks (aqueous or solvent) and application of appropriate printing parameters
  • Smart recognition of multiple external devices for synchronized control via PC software
  • Hot-swap: Circuit protection for quick cartridge changeover
  • Real time interface: reports current operation of printer to mobile devices

Product Description The most compact, reliable and robust Thermal Inkjet coder on the market
Download Smart Jet Plus Sell Sheet

DAILY JET Hand Coder
Name of Product: DAILY JET Hand Coder

Brand: MSSC

  • Print Anywhere
  • With A Printer
  • That Goes
  • Everywhere.

Mobile. Slim. Lightweight. Now that’s smart.

The MSSC DailyJet HP1000 Hand Coder offers a breakthrough
design for true mobile use. Featuring a slim profile, the DailyJet can
easily be transported, and its ultra-lightweight construction means
there's less fatigue by the end user on the job site.

The MSSC Daily Jet HP1000 Hand Coder

  • Ultra-portable and lightweight (1.3 lbs./600 gm)
  • Capable of printing anywhere and at any angle
  • Slim profile for ease-of-use


Compact and Smart Design
• Lightweight
• Input/output voltage: 7.4/12V
• Throw distance: Up to 0.25 in (6 mm)
• Uses four AA batteries (not included)

Standard Features
• Built-in seven segment display
• Built-in buzzer to indicate print cycle completion
• 5 buttons: Function, Enter, Left, Right, Print
• 5 indicators lights: Alarm, Low Ink, Print,
Low Power, Power
• HP 2.5 printing technology
• Create messages using PC software via Micro USB port
• Store up to 10 messages with Micro SD card
• Choose from 20 dynamic date/times
• Store up to 30 dynamic serial numbers
• MicroSD card slot for data backup
• Dual switchable nozzle design
• Hot-Swap: circuit safeguard for quick ink cartridge
change over
• Multiple density levels

Printability and Speeds
• Menu language English
• Alphanumeric characters, 1 logo, date/time, expiration
date, shift code, counter and QR code
• Font height up to 0.5 in (12.7 mm)
• 148 ft (45 m) / minute at 300 dpi horizontal resolution
• 600 dpi vertical resolution
• Any font and size can be easily changed by computer
• Supports HP Smart Card technology
• Built-in rotary encoder
• Printing information, settings and printing parameters

Inks and Accessories
• Supports MSSC solvent inks
• Built-in automatic ink inventory control system
• Smart ink clean system

Operating Temperature
• Operating temperature between
   50° F – 150° F (10° C – 66° C)

• 12 month warranty for all equipment excluding

Download DAILY JET Hand Coder
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