Thermal Transfer Printers

Compact 53c, 32c, 32d
Versatile, affordable, and easy to install

EASYPRINT has released the Compact 32d thermal transfer printer offering the ideal replacement digital technology for contact coders such as hot stamp or roller coders. With its high value features, it is also suitable for existing Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) equipment replacement where low cost of ownership is important.
Communicator II
Communicator II is the star of the Easyprint fleet. Its special speed, design, and cost saving features set it well apart from other thermal transfer printers in the market.
Communicator II
  • Is very fast – the fastest thermal transfer printer on the market. It can print from 50mm/sec up to 1400mm/sec.
IM Model Thermal Transfer Printers
The IM printer is for use in intermittent packaging and can be mounted on all types of vertical and horizontal packaging machines. It is compact and easy-to-install. IM2 has a maximum print speed of 600 mm/sec with a print area of up to 53mm x 106mm.
TM Model Thermal Transfer Printer
The TM printer provides flexibility for printing needs. Mounted onto a custom made frame, this lightweight printer is able to move across a web enabling a number of prints to be made on a packaging line.

The TM thermal transfer printer has been made for direct integration into thermal forming packaging machines i.e.. all horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines.
The TM is equipped with a 300dpi print head, which guarantees a high quality print. Because of this – and because the printer can mark a large area of up to128mm x 600mm – in many instances the TM has replaced the need for pre-printed film.
As is the case with all other Easyprinter thermal transfer printers, the TM printer functions using the COMII.