CITRONIX– ciSeries ci1000

Citronix- ciSeries ci1000 The ci1000 prints up to a 31 pixel image providing 5 lines of text, graphics and bar codes. Automatic ink viscosity control provides minimal user intervention and long term reliable operation. Ethernet with integrated internet web browser interface and RS232 / RS485 provide advanced communication options.

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CITRONIX– ciSeries ci580

CIJ Citronix ciSeries ci580 The Citronix ciSeries CIJ printing systems provide high speed, reliable non-contact printng to almost any kind of material or surface including metal, glass, plastic, paper, wood and more. The Citronix ci580 is a smart featured continious (CIJ) printing system. Designed to meet a broad range of applications, the ci580 features the most common needed functions and capabilities necessary for the typical identification, lot / date code, sell by date printing applications.

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New Compact MSSC QM2


High performance
High Resolution
Compact Size
Easy instalation and operation
No maintenance


Industrial Inkjet Printer For Package Coding
Best Coding For Porous and/or Semi-Porous material
Powered By HP Thermal Inkjet Technology

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EBS Handheld ink-jet printer

A convenient, cordless, hand-held way to print on almost anything.

EBS Handheld ink-jet printer The Handjet EBS-250C is a hand-held ink-jet printer. It’s shaped like a power drill or a large hairdryer and is cordless, light and mobile. It enables a quick and easy print on almost any material, from fabric and foam to cement, wood, even rock. With its patented print technology, the Handjet EBS-250C inkjet hand coders replace traditional hand coders such as stencil machines, stamps and roll coders

The easy-to-use Windows-based user interface program transmits messages that have been created within seconds to the Handjet. Pre-defined logos from Windows fonts and symbols, as well as diacritical characters can be transferred easily. Included are special registers such as date, time as well as up and down counters. Messages are transferred by a Bluetooth stick module.

Up to 1500 characters can be efficiently stored in the hand coder’s memory with up to 10 message blocks containing several lines in each block.

Printing is fast and clean, and on surfaces such as metal (pipelines, tubes, profiles, barrels, containers and storage shelves), glass, plastic (bags, tubes, pouches, plastic sacks, foils and Styrofoam), wood (pallets, boxes, building material and packing material) as well as cardboard using many solvent-based inks in different colours.

Efficient use of energy enables the Handjet EBS-250C inkjet hand coders to print up to 50 hours non-stop and the Li-Ion battery needs less than 2½ hours to recharge. The ink cartridge has an extremely long lifetime and guarantees an efficient use of consumables.

The EBS Handjet -250C can be seen in action on

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