Easydesign is the software that enables you to create what you want to print.

It is an easy-to-use label design package developed with two main aspects in mind: user friendliness and compatibility. It has a built in function that converts your existing software output to enable it to communicate with an Easyprint product. This eases the design of new layouts without making your previous work useless.
Easydesign software can easily control several Easyprint products over the local ethernet.

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Label view

Teklynx Labelview Barcode Label Software complements the HM labeling equipment products. It designs barcode labels and integrates the bar code label printing system into existing systems with power and flexibility.

The Labelview software supports over 30 barcode symbologies, True Type fonts, and over 1000 thermal and laser printers. It prints RFID labels, bar code labels and compliance labels.

New features of Labelview 8

  • An intuitive interface
  • Power and flexibility
  • Ability to meet future demands