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Thermal Ribbon – What are you getting?

People might tell you otherwise, but the quality of thermal transfer ribbon is NOT all the same. Inferior quality can cost you in the long run.

Buying from a supplier who isn’t up to date with the technology or familiar with your equipment or circumstances doesn’t help either.

We sell the very best quality print ribbon that comes from the Easyprint manufacturers, and our technical staff are always available to give advice or to visit.

We provide a total service to our customers – if you’re in doubt about ribbon or think you’ve got a better deal…let us know!



The EBS Handjet

A convenient, cordless, hand-held way to print on almost anything.

The Handjet EBS-250C is a hand-held ink-jet printer. It’s shaped like a power drill or a large hairdryer and is cordless, light and mobile.

It enables a quick and easy print on almost any material, from fabric and foam to cement, wood, even rock. With its patented print technology, the Handjet EBS-250C inkjet hand coders replace traditional hand coders such as stencil machines, stamps and roll coders